18-20 Jun 2014 Turin (Italy)

Organization of sessions

As for the organization of the sessions, please note that each Session lasts for 2 hours for 3 (4) presenters, i.e. 30 (20) minutes for each paper + 10 mins of discussion. All presenters should arrive well in advance to ensure that no technical problems occur. Please respect the time limit both when presenting your paper and during the discussion. The chairs are advised to enforce the given time constraints.

Session Chair:
A participant will chair the session. The chair welcomes and introduces the participants, moderates the open discussion and supervises that time constraints are met. If the session's chair is absent, the last presenter listed should take the role of the chair.

Every presenter is assigned to be the discussant of the previous paper in the same session. Accordingly, the second speaker is discussant of the first paper, the third speaker is discussant of the second paper and the first speaker is discussant of the last paper. The papers are available on the website. Those who have not yet provided the full paper are asked to send it directly to the discussant.

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